Why Join?

Our nonprofits face limited financial markets, fluctuating funding opportunities,  and increased demand for services.  Sharing overhead costs and eliminating redundancies across organizations helps our sector be more efficient and use limited funding dollars wisely.  The natural collaboration and mentorships that come when nonprofit leaders are in relationship with one another is extremely valuable, particularly in our small rural community.  We're stronger together.  

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Alliance Membership Benefits

Membership Meetings


Facilitated sessions on topics aligned with our annual goals

Education and Training


  • Member discounts on trainings and workshops designed for staff, board members, and volunteers
  • Access to online and in-person educational opportunities with a variety of providers

Strategic Planning and Support


Access to planning resources, templates, and facilitation support referrals

Board Development


  • Resources on Alliance-developed standards for board recruitment and development
  • Access to diverse, potential board members who have the basic pre-training required to serve effectively

Nonprofit Mentors Pool


One-to-one mentorship and coaching from experienced professionals



Co-creation of advocacy strategies that support our whole sector